Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cubase Studio Notes: Adding Inserts to the Stereo Out Bus

Cubase Studio 5.5 comes with a project assistant utility.  This is a series of templates.  One of those templates was for mastering your final mix-down files.  I am use to using an external program for mix down but wanted to see what I could do inside the primary Digital audio workstation (DAW).  Well, when the template opened up it also opened audio plug-ins for Stereo Enhancer and VST Dynamics.  I normally attached this to inserts associated with each track but this was different.  They were linked to the Stereo Out Bus.  I could not find how they were attached.   After much reading I finally discovered that they are attached inside the MIXER utility.  Just go to the “E” button on the far right and that lets you access the VST Output Channel Settings.  Here you can add inserts for all audio flowing out of the Stereo Out Bus.