Saturday, November 27, 2010

Uploaded New Instrumental Song to MySpace/BillJonesMusicStudio - “It’s My Blues”

     I just recorded and uploaded a new instrumental song to MySpace/BillJonesMusicStudio called “It’s My Blues”.   I was experimenting with my noise canceling headphones.  They allowed me to hear much better and set the input equalizers for my guitar sound  to be much more balanced and leveled.  The song is the typical 12 bar blues pattern with variation.  The break section goes to the IV chord to setup a nice return back to the tonic and a repeat of the theme developed in the first 12 bars of the song.  Lots of jazz chords of course, was using A minor, D9, B13b9, E11, and other transitions chords…  melody “chords” are used in several places.  All is improvised with just a few takes.  Creation time was approximately 2 hours. 

     The song fits my mood for the week as well.  It has been a very blue week at work with lots of stress.  Thank goodness for my studio to distract me.  Hope you all enjoy the song…


UPDATE:  moved file to SoundCloud since mySpace has decided to not support local musicians anymore.  Here's the new link: