Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Guitar Students - TAB vs Traditional Notation

I want to teach beginning, intermediate and advanced guitar students.  Of course, you must always teach what you know and can demonstrate.  When I taught before, I could teach either with traditional notes or with TAB.  Traditional notation method is good if you have no other way to "pick out" the melody (i.e.; you don't know another instrument where you were taught to "read").   But, you can play melodies with just TAB notation as well.  It would be the students preference as to which way they want to approach "written" music.  My students from before could "read traditional notation like champs" in first and second position ..... really useful to pick out the melody lines to learn the vocals.  Then, of course, you learn the chords that go with those melodies.

The All-Tab Guitar Method

Music Lessons

I am planning on teaching music in my home soon.  I use to teach guitar and voice in my home back in the 1970s .... back then, I had over 40 students and was quite busy teaching and attending school to obtain my college degree in music.  Since that time, I have been a part-time working musician at a local church, singing and playing guitar, piano and organ.  Over the past year I have been performing at the Penny Lane Art Gallery & Cafe .  I will keep everyone posted as I select my method books and set my hours.