Tuesday, August 26, 2014

100 Rock Lessons - Awesome Guitar Instruction Book

Wow!  Just listened to 80 out of the 100 lessons, straight thru, back to back, from this instruction book.  The depth of coverage for different rock styles / methods was impressive.  I especially liked the mixture of TAB and standard notation.

Monday, August 25, 2014

It's Official - Music Studio Open for New Students

Hey everyone, it's official, I'm looking for guitar, voice or keyboard students.   Just leave a voice message at the Google Phone number below and I'll call you back.   I didn't want to put my cell phone on the web due to spammers.    I live in the New Carlisle, Ohio area and am willing to drive to your home or provide private music lessons in my home studio.    

I can teach many different styles.  My background in voice is extensive since that was my instrument in college.   I also sing and play guitar at a local coffee house so that type of music is also very strong for me (pop, folk, acoustic rock, Irish).   I teach both acoustic and electric (i.e.; think rock/metal) guitar methods. 

If you are just a beginner, I can teach TAB or teach standard music notation.  In the past, I taught many students to read standard notation in Guitar First Position...... it comes in handy when picking out melody lines for new songs to sing.  

As a church organist for over 12 years, I can teach both traditional keyboard reading or playing keyboard via "Jazz Chords".  Some Sundays I would just jazz chord the hymns and improvise the left hand, so much more relaxing!   Jazz keyboard playing fits well with Praise Music and I have extensive background in that style as well.  

Give me a call, let's get the music started.  

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937-679-9669 (Google Voice - Leave a message, I'll call back)

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