Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas Caroling with John Sipe

There were 39 of us caroling with Mr. Sipe last Saturday. I played for the group again. Jeff Christmas was kind enough to loan me the First Baptist Church's small amp so they could hear my guitar over all those voices! We performed at four locations, same as last year, with 1/2 hour sets at the first two venues, Dayview Care Center and Belle Manor Nursing Home, next was a shortened program outside at the home of Carolyn ( Miss Souders) and Ron Ossege. Our last performance was at the home of Joyce and Bob Lawler who also provided great food and drink for the group. I could feel the Christmas spirit creep into me as we sang holiday favorites.

Pinch Harmonics

Here's a clip of a track I improvised last night. It has a few examples of "pinch harmonics" on the lead guitar. To create pinch harmonics, (also known as "pick harmonics" or "squeal"), you allow the thumb of the pick hand to make contact with the string as you pick. Picking in different locations on the string generates different "harmonics" all from the same fretted note.

A nice note from Mr Sipe about our holiday caroling last month ....

Choir Director at Zion Lutheran Church

I was introduced to the congregation today as the new choir director. I was teasing one congregation member that there was now a "empty seat" in the bass section (my chair) that needed to be filled. To my surprise, he said that he would be willing to join us! Yeah! Now we have 5 sopranos, 3 altos, 3 tenors, and now, once again, 3 basses.

Fast Piano Tuner

Got a chromatic tuner for Christmas with new piano tuning tools. I use to tune with just a pitch fork (middle C). With the new tuner, I was able to finish under 3 hours! That's fast for me. Great little device, Has a multi-function metronome as well.