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"Nature's Way" Album Being Remixed - Released track "Trees"

This was my most popular track .... titled, Trees, it's a haunting Irish melody played on cello, with a theme and variation form.    I find myself hearing this melody line over and over in my head!  Please enjoy  Trees

 I used the following instruments on the Yamaha MODX 7:
Imperial Strings Seattle Cellos Singleline 2 FM Sweep AnalogPad FM Smooth WoodBass

"Nature's Way" Album Being Remixed - Released track "Time"

Just when you thought time could not get any more "non-stop", always ticking by, this track, called "Time", uses a continuous quarter note beat in cut time on the rhythm instruments.  Enjoy Time

This was an easy remix.  Just made 6 audio tracks and then found instrumentation that was similar to the first version.  I used the following instruments on the Yamaha MODX 7:

70s Solos
FM Strings & Bells
FM Syn Lead 3
Round Wound
Beechwood SnareKit2

"Nature's Way" Album Being Remixed - Released track "the Sky"

Ever expansive, the Sky is always with us every day.   Here's the latest version on Soundcloud:  the Sky   This track took forever to remix because I rewrote the melody line in one section added a variation to that line in another section.  Making the display of the Score bigger makes the whole process of editing and rewriting much easier.


FM Polyesterday
Singleline 2
Choir SEQ
Johnny Bass
Modern Rock Kit 2

"Nature's Way" Album Being Remixed - Released track "Sunrise"

This started out as a simple piano piece but became "ambient" when I added the synth sounds.  The idea was to create a song that emulates the rising of the sun, first brilliant light (that's the Sawtooth sweeping sound taking melody at the beginning) followed by the peaceful boys choir finishing out the song.  Here's the link on Soundcloud:  Sunrise


Imperial Grand Piano

Seattle Cellos

FM Sweeping Poly

Multi Saw MW DA

BoysChoir MW Xfade

Modern Rock Kit 2

"Nature's Way" Album Being Remixed - Released track "Feeling Good"

I'm making process, this is a remix of track 2 off my 2018 album "Nature's Way".   One of my favorites, this track has good contrast.  Enjoy   Feeling Good

I also used the MODX for the drum track this time, nice EDM feel, using the kit titled:  "European EDM Kit 1".   Synth controls also let me vary the envelope during playback, giving it that ambient sound.  I also made sure that each of the solo parts had "cross-over".  That's when you allow a final note/chord in one part drift into the space of the start of the next part using delay or reverb to extend the sound. 

"Nature's Way" Album Being Remixed - Released track "Blessed Day"

I'm in the process of remixing the album I released last year using sounds from my new Yamaha MODX synthesizer.  I've just finished track 1,     Blessed Day

During this remix, I converted all MIDI parts to audio files.  I did this one instrument at a time to take advantage of tone controls on the MODX.  It also allows me to set the appropriate gain for each part to help balance the overall final sound mix.  It has been a learning curve to learn how to get a song balanced so you can hear all the parts ......  

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