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Playlist on YouTube - Nature's Way

Ambient music around the theme of nature.

Playlist on YouTube - Nature's Way

Playlist on YouTube - the World We Know

A mix of soft jazz, praise music, and rock guitar .....  A celebration to the world we know.

Playlist on YouTube

MODX ARP Studies

I created a new track tonight using the ARP functionality on the Yamaha MODX 7. Basically, you select a tempo that you want to run at then you select a style, in this case, a traditional offbeat jazz pattern. I improvised chords while the drum pattern ran in the background. The MODX has the ability to record ARP midi directly into the DAW. This allows you to quantize at the appropriate level. Once you’re done with the keyboard and strings layer, convert the midi to a wave file and mute the Midi. The rest of the production is basically just sound engineering, improvising and recording the lead and bass parts, adding drums and mixing down the final combo. This whole process for the track you’re about to hear only took about two hours max. Please enjoy my track called Going Nowhere [on Dropbox].

Released two tracks from my new album titled "Down the Path"

They feature alternative rock genre with guitar and sounds from my new Yamaha MODX 7. These two tracks have electronic strings taking the lead in several sections.  Down the Path   /   Live On

A nice note from Mr Sipe about our holiday caroling last month ....

Choir Director at Zion Lutheran Church

I was introduced to the congregation today as the new choir director. I was teasing one congregation member that there was now a "empty seat" in the bass section (my chair) that needed to be filled. To my surprise, he said that he would be willing to join us! Yeah! Now we have 5 sopranos, 3 altos, 3 tenors, and now, once again, 3 basses.

Church Web Site

Fast Piano Tuner

Got a chromatic tuner for Christmas with new piano tuning tools. I use to tune with just a pitch fork (middle C). With the new tuner, I was able to finish under 3 hours! That's fast for me. Great little device, Has a multi-function metronome as well.

Amazon Link to Tuner