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An Example of Song Form or Why are Templates a Good Thing

Once the VERSE background is established then you can copy the harmonic part/bass part to VERSE_B and layer on a fresh lead guitar. Next, a good CHORUS is created and then duplicated to the second occurrence of CHORUS. The BREAK is always difficult to create because it must fit the style of the song and yet give a break to repeating melodies in the VERSE and CHORUS sections. The INTRODUCTION and END are normally melodic variations of the VERSE. A lot of times, it’s easier to just use fade in and fade out for the intro/end. What Makes Templates a Good Thing? Why should you use templates? Well, it’s as simple as this. When you come into the studio you are excited to create something. If you have to establish a song form, find drum tracks the complement each other, and establish which instruments you will use your enthusiasm will be gone. If you don’t have any zip in your step, your creativity will be over and a song will not be created. With templates, a song can go from idea t