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Singing and playing guitar prior to Christmas eve service

Just got asked by the choir director at Zion Lutheran church to sing a few minutes before Christmas Eve service.  I haven't picked out the songs yet but I am planning on bringing a microphone and my amplifier so I won't get drowned out by the larger than normal crowds.


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Choir Director at Zion Lutheran Church

I was introduced to the congregation today as the new choir director. I was teasing one congregation member that there was now a "empty seat" in the bass section (my chair) that needed to be filled. To my surprise, he said that he would be willing to join us! Yeah! Now we have 5 sopranos, 3 altos, 3 tenors, and now, once again, 3 basses.

Guitar Pro 6

I asked for guitar Pro 6 for Christmas, and I got it! For those of you who are not familiar with this software, it can be found at the following web location: Guitar Pro Website

I've been searching the web for locations where I can download guitar Pro 6 files.  The best site located so far is  GPROTAB.NET.  The content of files on this site are to be used for private study, scholarship or research only. 

As I listen to these songs, I realize that some of these recordings are recorded using a keyboard as an input device rather than a guitar. This sent me down the trail of looking for an “audio to MIDI” conversion device that would allow for guitar input into a program such as guitar Pro 6. One of the best devices that I discovered was the Sonuus Midi Product, the i2M Musicport Signal Converter (see AMAZON).  I foresee this device going on my next years’ Christmas list!

For copyrighted songs, the place to go is mySongBook.  It's discussed at the guitar Pro website as well. The…