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"Nature's Way" Album Being Remixed - Released track "Feeling Good"

I'm making process, this is a remix of track 2 off my 2018 album "Nature's Way".   One of my favorites, this track has good contrast.  Enjoy    Feeling Good I also used the MODX for the drum track this time, nice EDM feel, using the kit titled:  "European EDM Kit 1".   Synth controls also let me vary the envelope during playback, giving it that ambient sound.  I also made sure that each of the solo parts had "cross-over".  That's when you allow a final note/chord in one part drift into the space of the start of the next part using delay or reverb to extend the sound. 

"Nature's Way" Album Being Remixed - Released track "Blessed Day"

I'm in the process of remixing the album I released last year using sounds from my new Yamaha MODX synthesizer.  I've just finished track 1,      Blessed Day   During this remix, I converted all MIDI parts to audio files.  I did this one instrument at a time to take advantage of tone controls on the MODX.  It also allows me to set the appropriate gain for each part to help balance the overall final sound mix.  It has been a learning curve to learn how to get a song balanced so you can hear all the parts ......      

MODX ARP Studies

I created a new track tonight using the ARP functionality on the Yamaha MODX 7. Basically, you select a tempo that you want to run at then you select a style, in this case, a traditional offbeat jazz pattern. I improvised chords while the drum pattern ran in the background. The MODX has the ability to record ARP midi directly into the DAW. This allows you to quantize at the appropriate level. Once you’re done with the keyboard and strings layer, convert the midi to a wave file and mute the Midi. The rest of the production is basically just sound engineering, improvising and recording the lead and bass parts, adding drums and mixing down the final combo. This whole process for the track took about two hours max.