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"Nature's Way" Album Being Remixed - Released track "Feeling Good"

I'm making process, this is a remix of track 2 off my 2018 album "Nature's Way".   One of my favorites, this track has good contrast.  Enjoy   Feeling Good

I also used the MODX for the drum track this time, nice EDM feel, using the kit titled:  "European EDM Kit 1".   Synth controls also let me vary the envelope during playback, giving it that ambient sound.  I also made sure that each of the solo parts had "cross-over".  That's when you allow a final note/chord in one part drift into the space of the start of the next part using delay or reverb to extend the sound. 

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"Nature's Way" Album Being Remixed - Released track "Voyage Beyond"

Released way back in Jan 8, 2018,  this was my first attempt into ambient music..... this is a mixture of new age and classical, if that's possible!  With just a few adjustments, here is the remix:   Voyage Beyond

The mixdown on this arrangement took a while.  There are many tracks to this song.  Therefore, I used Steinberg's Cubase Pro 10.5 internal VSTi  called Halion Sonic SE 3 and Spector.  Instruments used in Halion were:

Digi BassElement OrganRomantic Trumpet1984 Synth Stab Spector started as the "Shanghai" preset but was modified several times for effect.
On the Yahmaha MODX 7 Imperial Strings was used for keyboard and EDM kit for the drums.