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Blue Skies by William a Jones

 It can't rain or snow forever!  Sooner or later we'll get see "Blue Skies".  #acousticguitar #acoustic #alternative #folkmusic #instrumental Blue Skies on Instagram Blue Skies - on YouTube

Getting in Gear by William a Jones

 Here's the latest updates to my video "Getting in Gear".  Trying to get downtown to eat supper and see the bicycle parade, the shuttle bus gets stopped by the parade.    Getting in Gear - on YouTube

Musical Composition -Improvisation

There are many ways to create music.  I primarily use improvisation. Normally reserved for jazz solos, I use it to create entire tracks/songs (melody, chord structure, style and rhythm).   This is all done on the fly, in real time.  This is very fast.   Of course, there is a need for arrangement later for some tracks.   After using this method to create over 200 recorded tracks, even repeated music form (i.e.; chorus repeated twice) can be improvised if you can remember the themes used for the verse or chorus in real time. Recently, I’ve been using my voice as an improvising instrument. Sometimes, I use guitar lead and voice together (in unison) to create melody lines for improvised chords.   Sometimes I improvise chords first and then try to improvise a melody line that fits those chosen chords.   It’s best to improvise chords and melody at the exact same time for a more cohesive track.   Keyboard is the one of the best initial instruments for this method.  You can merge the mel