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New Release! Get Up - Now on SoundCloud!

Get Up on SoundCloud   Get Up, originally released back in 2019, is all "danced up".  Features Stratocaster solo and lots of brass!  Album Cover Credit: By_Jo on Pixabay

HatchBatch Singles Playlist on Spotify!

PlayList Link

HatchBatch Now on SoundCloud!

For all my friends that don't use paid accounts like Spotify, HatchBatch is now on SoundCloud!  Here's the link:   HatchBatchMusic on SoundCloud   or just search for HatchBatchMusic on SoundCloud I also added a playlist of all my latest singles, here's the link: HatchBatch Singles Playlist on SoundCloud

I Don't Know Live On Spotify!

  I asked myself, what should I name this track.  I guess you get what you asked for …. ha.  Another creation ("Hatch") that started as a guitar/voice improvise.   A big shout-out to GERALT On Pixabay for the cover artwork Here's the link: I Don't Know on Spotify

Trees (Dance Version) Live On Spotify!

 Trees (Dance Version) The idea is to take prior releases and "EDM" them....  Trees was written in 2018 and first released in 2019.  This update was done in 2022.   A big shout-out to  JPLENIO On Pixabay  for the cover artwork Here's the link:   Trees (Dance Version) on Spotify