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I Don't Know You Released by HatchBatch!

  I Don't Know You was written in 2020 and part of a "to be released" album titled "Stratman Unplugged".  The original track was a live Stratocaster lead, but at a much slower tempo.  This new version is much more danceable!  Cover Credit:  Geralt on Pixabay.  #stratocaster #dancemusic #dance #community #guitar   I Don't Know You on SoundCloud I Don't Know You on Spotify

Get Up by HatchBatch Released to Spotify!

Get Up, originally released back in 2019, is all "danced up".  Features Stratocaster solo and lots of brass! Album Cover Credit: By_Jo on Pixabay  Get Up on Spotify   Get Up on SoundCloud

Don't Be Shy by HatchBatch Released!

Written back in 2020, this track was inspired by a viewing Big Fish in concert.  The original Stratocaster lead was converted from audio to midi, cleaned up in Cubase Score, and then converted back to audio.  It's a fast 2/4 cut time with a triplet on the quarter note.  Thus, normally called a swing, in 2/4.  Keyboard plays on the 1/2 beat most of the time.  The strings are accent on verse but pad on the chorus.  What can I say, the drums are hot!   A dance track.   Don't Be Shy on SoundCloud Don't Be Shy on Spotify