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Spotify Playlist - HatchBatch Dance Singles!

Spotify Playlist - HatchBatch Dance Music Singles   Trees I Don't Know Feeling My Way Got Nowhere to Go Don't Be Shy I Don't Know You Dreaming of You Only You Long Time

Only You Released to Spotify and SoundCloud!

  This is my first "slow song" dance track.  The rock organ and heavy bass keep this track perky but the melody is pure soft jazz guitar.  Because slow dancing was the only thing I knew how to do, the title popped into my head very quickly ha!   Album Cover Credit Pixabay Autumnsgoddess0     Hear HatchBatch on Spotify and SoundCloud #dancemusıc #EDM #rockorgan #stratocaster #dancehall #slowdance  Instagram Promo Clip: Only You on SoundCloud Only You on Spotify

Dreaming of You Published to Spotify and SoundCloud!

The dance groove in this track is very compelling!  Originally in the unreleased Stratman Unplugged series written in 2020, this track was initially called Strat Solo No 2. Album cover credit goes to Kellepics on Pixabay.  Here's a short clip from the track: I went thru 6 versions on this track.  I had an "alto" part that I ended up dropping.  On this version, the bass and guitar make up the bulk of the background accompaniment.  The drums have added compression.  I had to quantize the piano, which is playing off-beat "spikes"  at 1/16th and the bass at 1/8th.  Off-beat just does not work unless the rhythms are precise.  The original Stratocaster lead was recorded at 85bpm but this final is at 110bpm.  There was quite a bit of "midi" cleanup on the solo, also quantized at 1/16th.  Each time I work thru an sound engineering session, I find new processes to do that improve the overall EQ and volume of each instrument.    Dreaming of You on Spotify Dreami