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Music Compositional Methods


Welcome to my series on music compositional methods.  I've always been a big fan of spontaneous music creation.  This is the new process using Steinberg CUBASE 12:

  •   Improvise with a Stratocaster and voice 
  •   Creating a CHORD TRACK (guitar audio converted to chord symbols)
  •   Convert CHORD TRACK to MIDI and edit chord lengths   
  •   Convert voice audio to MIDI 
  •   Edit voice MIDI using standard music notation
  •   Select instrumentation for CHORD TRACK MIDI
  •   Select instrumentation for voice MIDI
  •   Resolve final audio MIX requirements (EQ, Volume, etc.)
  •   Import Video and synch with production files 
  •   OUTPUT Audio File and Video File
  •   Correct Video orientation (landscape to portrait)
Thus, with one pass, a song is created.  The time to do the above edits and processing is approximately 1-2 hours.  

Here's the final product (video with studio grade audio) link on YOUTUBE

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