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Spotify 2022 Year-End Wrap for HatchBatch

 Thanks to all my listeners!  I switched to using the artist's name of HatchBatch in July 2022 on Spotify. 

Burr Oak State Park and Marietta Ohio with Soundtrack: Dreaming of You

 Tranquil images and iPhone movies of a local state park at the end of the "leaf changing" fall season. The video also includes a few images of an Ohio river city.  The dance groove in this track is very compelling!  Dreaming of You, originally in the unreleased Stratman Unplugged series written in 2020, was initially called Strat Solo No 2. #statocaster #fender #BurrOakStatePark #Marietta #music #dance #musicians #musica #musicislife #musiciansofinstagram #martinguitars #practicemakesperfect #acousticmusic #livemusic #guitarsofinstagram #guitarsarebetter #guitarplayer #guitarist #guitars #guitarsolo #guitar Burr Oak State Park Video on YouTube

Music Composition Notes

How do I Compose Music? Choose an instrument to play:  piano guitar piano/voice guitar/voice Improvise a few lines to create a motif (melody or chord progression) that catches my attention and emotions Tempo is not necessarily critical in the beginning because you can only improvise at a max speed which is based on your ability to mentally process musical ideas Determine the time signature of the motif Select drum patterns and drum kits if so desired Key signature and scales used, comes later, during chord track analysis I turn on the recorder and I start playing, allowing my subconscious to control everything. My conscious mind is primarily concerned with keeping the improvised music in sync with the metronome beat in the music software. While you can create music using varying tempos, it is much easier to edit the music later if it's maintained in a fairly strict tempo environment. I normally improvise for anywhere from 60 seconds up to three or 4 minutes as the motif develops wi