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All In a Day (Dance) by Bill Jones on YouTube!

 All In A Day (Dance) was originally released as a track on the same name Album "All In A Day" in April 2020. This "dance version" has been reorchestrated with a tempo increase and new bass and drums. The video is recent pics of nature scenes from my road trips and hiking adventures. #piano #stratocaster #jazz #dance  All In A Day (Dance) on YouTube

AGTR-01 (Version 3) Video Released to YouTube!

  This improvised guitar chords and solo centers around the rhythm groove generated from the rhythm guitar and the percussive slap bass.  The lead guitar was recorded just a few minutes later.  This also shows the power of Cubase.  The lead guitar audio was converted to midi, edited in standard music notation and then recorded using "Picked Steel" from the Yamaha MODX sounds.  I especially liked the harmonics on bridge section; just the push of a button (ah, technology!). AGTR-01 (Version 3) Link on YouTube