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Musical Resume

Skills Profile

-       Proficient on guitar, keyboard, voice, and trumpet
-       Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music  
-    Extensive interpersonal skills due to 30 years in accounting/finance career
-       Over 3 Years’ experience as a Private Music Teacher in the late 1970s
-       Years of experience as a professional musician (see below)

Musical History

Elementary, Jr HS, HS Experiences

-       Played trumpet in school concert and marching bands.
-       Formed a garage band in Jr HS, played guitar/sang at school dances and local pool parties.
-       Played guitar “in the pit” for a HS musical.
-    Played guitar/Vocal Soloist for "Sing Out America".
-       Sang in HS choir.
-       After hours, played guitar/sang for Local Group 
      for several years, the group toured extensively.
-       Formal Piano lessons in HS.

The College Years

-       B.A. In Music 
-       Was originally a Music Education Major, took many method and educational psychology classes, but switched to B.A. to begin duel career in accounting/finance (went on to get MBA).
-       Years of music theory, sight reading, history, and private voice lessons.
-       Voice was my instrument; highlight was singing in several groups.
-       Sang bass/baritone in several choruses and a men’s glee club.
-       Performed a “Senior Recital” in several languages (French, Italian, German, and English).
Professional Musical Experiences

-       Night Club Act  The Jones’ Brothers Duo played lounges, restaurants, and special events
-       Private Music Teacher in my parents’ home and at local music store, over 40 students – taught beginning and advanced voice, guitar and trumpet, beginning
      saxophone, flute, bass guitar and percussion.  
-       Church Choir Director at two local churches
-       Wedding Singer and Guitar/Keyboard – performed at over 50 weddings
-       Church Organist – years of playing organ/piano for a small congregation.
-    Private Music Teacher  - taught guitar in my home.  
-       Church Choir Member  – sang bass/baritone and performed solos  with voice/guitar; developed and led  a Praise service (not paid)
-       Coffee House Guitarist/Soloist  – performed  many times 

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